Who gives about two weeks 'gas on that crank!' on the Beachpull? The start lists of Friday and Saturday are known. 

Check out who's at the start and the sporting fight with one another to go in the Inter-Techno Arena of the Total Agri Beachpull.

Be there and encourage the participants live from the stands.

Publication starting lists drivers

Be Friday 7th and Saturday 8th July at Beachpull Putten.
One big truck and tractorpullingspectacle while enjoying the sun, sea and beach! Roaring engines, lots of power and entertainment!
So is there on Friday night the RADIO NL drive in show and a performance by MOOI WARK!
On Saturday a performance by the LEKKE BAND with BDM drive in show.
Be there! 7 and 8 July - Strand Nulde in Putten!
BeachPull Putten Mooi Wark en Radio NL 2017
Startlijsten Beach Pull Pull 2017On Friday 7th and Saturday 8 July we have a GREAT programme for you. You don't want to miss this!
Track 1: Farmstock, Trucks & Grand National
-Standaardklasse 7,0 ton
-Standaardklasse 9,0 ton
-BE Trucks
-Standaard Trucks
-GN. Unlimiteds
-Standaardklasse 11,0 ton
Track 2: Farmstock
-Super-Sport 3,4 ton Topklasse
-Sport 2,5 ton Topklasse
-Sport 4,5 ton Topklasse
-Super-Sport 3,6 ton Topklasse
-Super-sport 4,5 ton Topklasse
Track 1: Eurocup + Grand National
-EC+GN Prostocks
-EC+GN Light Modifieds
-EC+GN Superstocks
-GN. Modifieds
Track 2: Trucks, National & Grand National
-T. Sport Trucks
-N. Light Superstocks
-GN. Mini Unlimiteds
-GN. Unlimiteds
-Super-Sport Trucks
-GN. Two Wheel Drives
-N. Prostocks II

In 2017 Total Agri Beach Pull presents at 7 & 8 July. Watch our Christmas movie.

Total Agri Beachpull wishes you a lovely Christmas time and a Happy New Year!


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Stichting Beach Pull,

Evert de Graaf, Tiemen Doppenberg, Rik Timmer, Henny Koopman,
Gerjanne Staal, Marina Koopman, Henny Doppenberg en Ruben Koopman