Kids Village

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Go play in the spectacular Kids Village!
Some great (free)rides are ready to go on Saturday. Take the train, climb, glide and jump, get your face painted or make your own tractor pull and feel the power of a garden minipuller in front of the “Potige Smurf” Sledge.

There is much to enjoy in the Kids Village when you do not feel like watching the Truck and Tractorpulling anymore. You can have your face painted and are able to play on a huge climb, slide and jump attraction. Great fun! All the play rides are within the bounds of the event premises, so one can always find his/her way back to mom and dad.

Make your own pull
All children, no matter what age, are able to experience what Tractorpulling actually feels like on a Garden minipuller. Behind the lawnmower there is a real sledge called the “Potige Smurf”. Will you also join the race and feel how much power is needed to haul so much weight? Disabled children and adults are also allowed to take a ride. Every demo is monitored, as it is in the actual competition, as safety goes first.