Organization and press

Contact information

Stichting Beach Pull Putten
p/a Roosendaalseweg 103
3882 MN Putten



The board of the Beachpull Putten foundation are an enthusiastic group of four men and three women, who organize the Ultra-Lite Beachpull event with great passion. Together with the help of their own specialties and the 200 volunteers a great event is set for the public and the competitors.

The board and the volunteers

Evert de Graaf
Marina Koopman
Tiemen Doppenberg
Henny Koopman
financiële administratie
Wilco Kraaij
Algemeen bestuurslid
Ruben Koopman
public relations

Sanne Snapper
Algemeen bestuurslid

Ellen Kraaij-Verhoef
Algemeen bestuurslid

Gerwin Ruitenberg 
Algemeen bestuurslid
Wouter Borgers
Algemeen bestuurslid

Press Accreditation

Trough the form below, press representatives are able to request permission to enter the event premises. Access to the tracks is sadly not possible. Requests must have been submitted at least one week before the event. After we receive your request, we will respond as soon as possible by e-mail.

G.I.: One enters the event premises at their own risk. Just by entering the visitor or user excepts unconditionally that the organization cannot be held liable for any damage or injuries to goods and persons. No matter the cause of the damage or injury.