Beachpull, the World Class Truck and Tractorpulling Event in Putten
The Ultra-Lite Beachpull is a yearly occurrence and has grown into a renowned event in the Netherlands and Europe. A special event that is worthy of a place in your calendar.

Both Dutch and European’s best teams appear at the start In the arena at the Beachpull. Truck and Tractorpulling is a motorsport whereby the most powerful engines compete with one another. Within the NTTO (The Dutch Truck and Tractorpulling Organization) the trucks and tractors pull in different classes which are classified by weight and horsepower. 

Full Pull
The goal of the competition is to move the sledge as far as possible. What happens when the competitors are able to pull the sledge over the 100 meter line? Then the well-known 'HIEPERDEPIEPERDEPIEP' will be heard across the tracks and the cheering on the stands commences.

Complete experience
Spectacle, entertainment and social cohesion is what you van expect from the Beach Pull. Take place on the stands and enjoy the battle between the competitors on our two clay tracks. Beside the competitive aspect there are divers activities next to the track for you to do and for the children there is a special Kids Village. There is much to see for the younger and the older visitors.  An experience you do not want to miss.

U are warned.. a visit to a pull of this ultimate form of motorsport can have an addictive effect. Thousands of visitors have already preceded you. Will you be there next time?

We would like to see you during the next edition of the Beachpull!
Date:  Friday the 12th of July and Saturday the 13th of July 2024.
Location: Event premises Nulde/Horst at Putten
Address: Strandboulevard, 3882 RN Putten